Public Welcome! Estate Auction Thursday May 4th @6:00pm Sharp!

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Storage Locker Auctions! Wednesday April 26th @6:00pm Sharp! The Store-it Place 2504 43rd St. Saturday Tuesday May 31st. @6:00pm Penticton Self Storage and Saturday June 3rd @10:00am The Space Centre. Join us on Face Book for more details!

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Western Star Auctions

Welcome to Western Star Auctions

It is always free for everyone to attend and register at a Western Star Auction. Auctions happen every week:

6:00pm Sharp!   Thursdays  #6-1345 Industrial Rd. West Kelowna.

We will ensure your experience at Western Star Auctions is a pleasant one with quality merchandise, friendly staff, comfortable seating and a non smoking environment. All this and you set the price… you can’t beat that!

All items sold by auction are sold “as is” this means without warranty or guarantee, so use the viewing time to inspect all items to be sold.

Thank you for letting us be your best auction. Our success depends on you and we appreciate you coming here. Seeing you enjoy our auction week after week is a source of joy to us. We would like to continue to bring you great deals for many years to come.